John W Davidson is a singer-songwriter, who currently resides in Fort Worth, Texas. He was born October 31, 1953 in McAlester, Oklahoma, and a short time later his parents moved the family to Mesquite, Texas where John attended elementary and middle school. In 1969 they moved to Dallas and he attended and graduated from Bryan Adams High School. It was there, in 1971, that he met his future wife Nora. They were married in 1975, and recently celebrated their 41st anniversary. They have 3 sons, 2 daughter-in-laws, and 2 grandchildren.

John moved to Austin and began attending the University of Texas in 1972 where he majored in Civil Engineering. He and Nora subsequently made the Austin area their home for more than four decades, and raised their children there, before moving to Fort Worth in 2015.

John grew up in a musical family and began playing the guitar as a small boy. One of his uncles, who was a musician, came to live with them for a few months after serving in the Air Force. The uncle played and sang professionally, and brought to the Davidson home his early Gretsch hollow body electric guitar and a Fender tube type amplifier. John was utterly smitten, and began learning to play his uncle’s guitar before he could reach his fingers around the neck. He would lay it flat in his lap and fret the strings with his thumb. John’s father was self-taught on the piano and the guitar, and still plays and sings at the age of 84. There are also family stories of John’s grandfather gathering a crowd on the streets of Hartshorne, Oklahoma, during the depression, by singing and yodeling Jimmie Rodgers songs.

John began writing songs in 1979, shortly after becoming a Christian, and formed a band called the Austin Street Band. The band would perform their original music, along with modernized versions of gospel songs in churches, and various outdoor venues. In the early eighties John and a few members of the band began setting up and playing acoustically on Austin’s 6th Street and in front of the University Coop, on the “drag” every Friday night. John and the band did this faithfully for several years, as they truly enjoyed and even preferred informal, outdoor settings. In the years to come he served as worship leader/staff member for churches in Austin and Dallas.

After moving to Fort Worth in 2015, John befriended Will Hunt, who owns and operates a bustling recording studio near the downtown area. In October 2015, with a collection of songs that he had written, John began recording music at Will’s studio, Spaceway Productions. He completed his first record, Color in a Gray World, and released it in late January 2017. He is currently recording a second album at Spaceway, entitled “Ride this Train”, that is scheduled to be released in the late Spring or early Summer of 2017.